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The Kids Hollywood Connection was founded over 35 years ago by Phyllis Henson, a mom whose own three children appeared in over 150 national commercials, eight movies and hundreds of print ads. Ms. Henson vowed to help others avoid the mistakes she had made. Today The Kids Hollywood Connection is here to help parents understand the importance of dealing with the most reputable people in the show business industry and how to get started. 

The Kids Hollywood Connection not only helps parents avoid the pitfalls of the industry, we also help build lasting relationships with our clients. By working personally with each child and their parents, the needs of all the people involved are met while the dreams of show business are being pursued.

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Introducing the Henson kids




It's because of these three children (Phyllis' own kids) that The Kids Hollywood Connection was created. The Henson kids worked constantly in the business, starring in numerous National Commercials for companies such as; Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg's, Disney, Kraft, Oscar Mayer, A1 Steak Sauce, Coca-Cola, Eggo waffles, Toys R Us, Tide, My Pet Monster, MacDonalds, TWA, and many, many others. Eric, Kelly and Wendy Henson modeled for hundreds of print ads and had roles on multiple TV shows, as well. At one point in time, the Henson Kids had as many as 7 NATIONAL COMMERCIALS running at one time! No wonder they were highly recognized, and Phyllis was sought after by other parents for suggestions and guidance, whenever she would take them anywhere. This family of four were a team, having fun and working hard to make these accomplishments happen. Phyllis is a mom who knows the hard work, dedication and steps to take to make it happen. Who better to guide you than a mom who's been there, and done that, very successfully!

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Kelly Henson in a Eggo's Commerical at age 6!