Posted by Erika Blair on Sep 28, 2017

Auditions can be a stressful event. You want to be prepared-- get there early, with lines memorized, and clothes and hair looking camera-ready. You always feel like you are in a rush to get there, but once you arrive you will likely be waiting for a while. Good time to go over your lines (again!) but also a time when nervousness and anxiety may rise. As you look around the room at the other actors who share your same goals and dreams you may begin to wonder if they will be better for the part than you. Self doubt creeps in, which just adds to the already stressful wait. 

That is, unless your dad is the one who is taking you to the audition...

One day one of my clients sent her husband on the audition with their little star. When they arrived the dad just sort of stared at the sign in sheet-- not knowing what exactly he was supposed to do. Luckily, my little professional took it upon herself to grab the sign in sheet and proceeded to confidently sign herself in.

Most sign in sheets ask for basic information -- Name, Date of Birth, Agent, etc. The daughter had it covered, until she got to "DOB." She turned to her dad in a panic, "Dad! I don't have a DAWB! I am supposed to have a DAWB!!" 

Bewildered, the dad asked, "A what?!" Was there some secret to auditions he didn't know about?! If mom was here she would know what to do! 

The daughter pointed to "DOB" on the sign in sheet. Dad grinned. He knew this one.

"What, Daddy? Why are you smiling?! What do we do?!?!" his little girl asked in deperation.

He explained that DOB stands for Date of Birth and his daughter laughed with relief. The tension and anxiety that often comes with auditions vanished and Dad and daughter bonded in a special way. You can bet those two will be telling that story for years to come!