Posted by Erika Blair on Jul 21, 2017

One of my clients shooting an episode of “Women’s Murder Club." For the entire week, my client's mom was trying to be invisible while they were shooting scenes of her daughter, Noelle. But that didn't quite go as planned...

Sets are very busy places -- there are people running to and fro and equipment being wheeled from here to there. The number one rule for little actors and their parents is to stay out of the way. As parent you don't want to be seen OR heard!

One day of shooting, my client's mom learned lesson! The scene was in a hosptial corridor, and this mama just couldn't seem to stay out of the frame. The director told her that her insanely long, bright neon fingernails were in the shot. She moved, they did a few more takes, and wrapped the episode. We didn't think anything of it...until we saw the episode when it aired!

We had all been anxiously awaiting the air date. We were going to see sweet Noelle on TV! And it wasn't going to be for just a few seconds either-- she was in the entire episode! We were so excited as we gathered around the television. Of course we were recording the show, and it's a good thing we did! Our eyes were glued to the TV as the hospital scene came on. But, wait. What was that bright neon thing in the background?! It couldn't be! We hit rewind. We watched the scene over and over. And sure enough, they used the take with the mom's bright, long fingernails in the frame! 

Not only did Noelle get some fantastic screen time, her mom got her 15 minutes of fame too! Well, at least her nails did!