Talent Consulting Service


We are not a Talent or Modeling agency, we are here to help you find the legitimate and reputable ones.

FREE Evaluation

  • 15 minute free evaluation

Our evaluations are based on the photos, a short video and/or the information provided to us by each parent.


Our consultation provides you and your child with the following information: Each child will be evaluated based on several different factors including your child's age, looks, following direction, reading and the "it" factor. The meeting will cover questions such as:

  • Does my child really have potential for theatrical, commercial or modeling work?
  • Is my child ready to go to an agent?
  • What steps should be taken to get my child ready?

KHC will answer any and all questions as:

  • Does my child need an agent?
  • What can we expect from an agent?
  • What will an agent expect from us?
  • What kind of agents do I need?
  • Where should I look and where should I not look for agents?
  • How much money is historically made by artists?
  • What are the child labor laws and guidelines concerning children's income?
  • What does my child need in order to work in the industry?
  • Does my child need Legal paperwork, professional photos, composites, portfolios, etc.?
  • Does my child need workshops or training? Why?
  • Does my child get on-set schooling?
  • Are parents permitted on the set?
  • What things should I avoid or look out for?
  • What kind of wardrobe does my child need for auditions? For interviews?
  • What can my child expect in an interview with prospective agents? Commercial auditions?
  • Does my child need a professional manager? What is their function? How necessary are they?
  • What kind of an investment, commitment and responsibility will be expected of the parent?
  • What is the Coogan Law?
  • How to avoid scams.
  • How to keep my child safe.
  • The cost for the program is a one-time fee of $375 per child! Ask about discounts for additional children.

 Included in this package is:

10 months of Guidance and Direction. Included in your child's photo & first name on KHC website under the rising Star section & Your child to be featured on KHC Social Media sites with current
Booking of Jobs, interviews & Agents representation notification !!!!!

This gives you additional information, a detailed check list and step by step personal guidance & direction. Also guidance in finding the right & reputable & ligitimate Talent & Modeling Agencies for your child. How to submit to the Agencies, what kind of photo and what to say. What to say and what to do once they call you and how to be prepared to meet with them. 


No Contracts to sign!    No Hidden or Additional fees!

Serving all of the U.S. 


With our program we teach you about the business in your area. If you are interested in learning about show business and how to get started. The program is only $375.00 and must be paid in advance. 

  • Our program is 10 months - one time fee of $375 - ask for discounts for additional children

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