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We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of kids get started in the business.

A few words from just a few of the families we have helped over the years...

I do not even have the appropriate words to express my gratitiude to Phyllis Henson and Kids Hollywood Connection!  I started out with zero knowledge of the modeling/acting business. I had one meeting with Phyllis and left so well educated and confident with Kids Hollywood Connection.  Phyllis has guided both of my kids into the world of modeling/acting.  Kids Hollywood Connection has played an integral part in every aspect of my children's success.  Phyllis is always available even for the silliest questions... Like What does this mean? Or What should we wear to an audition?  If you have any questions or want to become more educated on the industry in general HKC is the place to contact.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Phyllis-- you will leave knowing everything you need to get started! NOTHING is more valuable than working with someone you can trust!  Phyllis Henson and Kids Hollywood Connections provides years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the entertainment and modeling industry. Phyllis, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND BELIEVING IN THE KIDS!!!

Jennifer, Abrielle and Drake Cummings


"My family is from the Midwest. We learned about www.kidshollywood.com, on the Internet. I contacted Phyllis Henson, the owner, and she responded immediately with an offer to help us. We worked with her for a fairly low, one-time fee, and she was great! Phyllis consulted with us by email and over the phone. She was flexible, honest, and very nice. She was also very motivating, and within a short time, our daughter was signed and represented for both modeling and acting. If you are the parent of child who wants to get into the modeling and/or acting business, it’s well worth your time, effort, and the small cost to work with The Kids Hollywood Connection. They definitely are the best when it comes to getting your child started in the biz!"

Mary Lynne Zahler

Olivia"Thank you Phyllis Henson and The Kids Hollywood Connection! I am very thankful and appreciative for the excellence in service and true caring I have experienced from Phyllis. After meeting with Phyllis, her leadership, path & counsel, my daughter Nathalia was signed by a TOP Hollywood Talent & Modeling Agency. The services and personal attention we received from Phyllis Henson has been extraordinary! Her knowledge to help parents understand the rank of dealing with the most dependable people in the show business industry has exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend The Kids Hollywood Connection/ Phyllis Henson to any parent who are just getting started out in the business. Phyllis will prepare you & your child on numerous factors including character traits, appearance, communication skills, following directions and reading/ comprehension skills. Phyllis has been a life-saver through the importance of dealing in the show business industry and how to get started. Thank you so much Phyllis for working so hard. I really appreciate your efforts, suggestions, and time spent on assisting my daughter & I. I cannot express my gratitude for all your help! We love you!"

Connie Chavarria & Nathalia Jackson

Olivia"Olivia Ooms started her Hollywood-bound trek, at a very young age and no experience, at Kids Hollywood, thanks to Phyllis Henson, who saw Olivia's potential and believed in her. Phyllis understood Olivia and connected with her in a way that helped Olivia quickly book modeling jobs with companies such as Mattell, Disney, Bowlmor, Jolt and My Michelle clothing lines.

My fondest memory of a "Phyllis-Olivia moment" as I liked to call them, was when I told Phyllis that the pay for a job didn't matter as much as the job experience itself. Olivia looked Phyllis squarely in the eye and said "I don't work for free" and Phyllis smiled and replied "neither do I". Again, the point illustrated to me Phyllis' desire and ability to not just get the kids a great experience but also to make them money for their futures.
We are so thankful for Phyllis and the experience Kids Hollywood brings to the table as we try and navigate this complicated and exciting world."

Jane Ooms

 Dustin "Dustin started in the industry at the age of 3. Work was not as busy as it should have been, so we researched and came across kidsHollywood.com. Within a very short time Dustin was signed with one of the top Agency's in Hollywood. Since we began working with kids Hollywood connection, dustin has done commercials, runway modeling and print modeling. We are grateful to be part of kids Hollywood connection and highly recommend it to anybody in the industry. We feel that Dustin is definitely in the right direction thanks to Kids Hollywood."

Vanessa & Chris

Jack Canthin

"I can’t express enough how great Phyllis Henson has been in leading us to a great agent. She also helps us through the day to day tasks that come up in this business. My son has only been at this for a couple of years and has already done commercials and print work for Tide, Mattel, Disney, and others. Phyllis is always there when I need her to answer questions. I appreciate all the work she has put in to helping, Jack in is acting career and he hopes it will lead to directing in the future."

Big Thanks and Love,

Heather and Jack

"Our son, Carson, was a beautiful blonde baby. Everyone told us he should be in showbiz. I just kind of chuckled, and thanked them. I knew nothing about it, or how to get him started. I found The Kids Hollywood Connection online, and just took a leap of faith. I liked Phyllis right away, and felt a connection with her. With Phyllis’s advice, we were able to get Carson an agent. At his second audition ever, he booked the job! It turned out to be a National Fruit of the Loom Commercial, which ran for at least three years on TV. Carson has an amazing college fund now, and all from just that one national commercial! Since then, he's gone on dozens of auditions. He's had a few feature film roles, and done another commercial. I would highly recommend The Kids Hollywood Connection, because Carson is living proof that your child, can get work. My son has college taken care of because of Phyllis and The Kids Hollywood Connection!”

Suzanne Sumner Ferry

Mrs Baum”The Kids Hollywood Connection is one of the most professional and organized talent companies I have ever worked with. When my daughter was four she signed on with Kids Hollywood and Phyllis began immediately to find us a print agent and a commercial agent. Anytime I had questions or concerns with the agents we signed on with, Kids Hollywood was eager to help and make any changes that were beneficial to enhance my daughter’s exposure. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about Kids Hollywood and their hard work shows. My daughter works consistently with leading advertisers such as Mattel, Lands’ End, Ross Department Store, Shoe Carnival, and Comcast just to name a few. She recently did a live show --- Roast for Bob Saget. All of this could not be possible without Kids Hollywood Connection."

Mrs. Baum

"We had our first consultation with The Kids Hollywood Connection​ a few weeks ago. We spent an hour with Phyllis Henson (the owner) and learned so much about the business. She gave us homework, explained what we needed to do, and how to get started. With her guidance and direction, our twin girls were signed by a top Hollywood Talent & Modeling Agency, and already got their first audition! We would highly recommend The Kids Hollywood Connection to any parents who are just starting out in the business. They are extremely professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable."

 Marisa & Ben

Kevin and Libby Berry"Kids Hollywood Connection had helped us tremendously in getting my 3 children started in the show business. They helped us land a great agent and my children were very successful in booking commercials and print jobs. We really appreciate all their help and effort. We strongly recommend Kids Hollywood Connection to parents who would like their children to start their acting career in a very rewarding way!"

Amy C.

Kevin and Libby Berry"Both of my daughters have been with Kids Hollywood Connection for several years. Within months of retaining Phyllis as their consultant they signed with a major commercial agent and a modeling agency. My girls audition frequently. Phyllis remains committed to their professional growth. I recommend KHC to other parents because of the personal attention we receive-Phyllis and her assistant Patricia answer their phones and are knowledgeable and courteous."

Kiffany Walton

Kevin and Libby Berry"We couldn't have done it without the Kids Hollywood Connection!" Cliche'? Perhaps. The truth? Absolutely! As parents of twins, we were looking for the best way to get our children involved in the entertainment industry. Of course, with no knowledge of the inner workings, we were at a disadvantage.

After talking with and meeting Phyllis, we were confidant that Kids Hollywood Connection would provide the proper and safe environment that we were looking for to get the boys started.

Within a very short period of time, the boys were cast for a Gerber commercial. Not long afterward, they were selected as a running character in a CBS sitcom. None of this would have been possible had it not been for Phyllis and the Kids Hollywood Connection. She provided the guidance and encouragement necessary for us to succeed in a very competitive industry."

Kevin and Libby

Thomas and Christopher"I am writing this to express my appreciation to Phyllis Henson and The Kids Hollywood Connection for helping my two boys, Thomas and Christopher, start their careers in acting and print modeling. Phyllis, you have literally been with us every step of the way...... from finding agents and getting headshots to learning about the audition process and finding the best acting coaches. I want to thank you for your patience, guidance, honesty, and just for being available whenever I've had questions or concerns about this sometimes crazy business. Your knowledge, experience and expertise have been invaluable! I would strongly recommend your services to anyone!"

Donna Stanley

cecilia_lee.jpg"We have been with The Kids Hollywood Connection for about several years now. Working with Phyllis and Patricia has been a true pleasure. As a parent that knew nothing about “ Hollywood ” and all the opportunity it has for our young people, I was overwhelmed. However, Phyllis and Patricia put a lot of work into finding a reputable agent to represent my children. Kids Hollywood continues to provide me with current information and is always so helpful when I have questions."

Cecilia Lee

Kids Hollywood - your source for hollywood success!“Kids Hollywood Connection is a fabulous talent service for anyone wanting to help their child get going in the business of acting on screen. To date, I am still amazed at an organization that truly cares about the success of my child as much as they do, and it continually shows by their actions. Because of Kids Hollywood Connection, my daughter has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Women’s Murder Club, and two national commercial [Life Savers, Wells Fargo] and a Disney animated cartoon. When we signed with KHC my daughter was on her first audition the very next day! I was absolutely astounded. KHC has been solely responsible for getting my daughter signed with one of the best and top agents in Hollywood. The professionalism of KHC is second to none. They have made breaking into show business seem easy. They have held my hand through the entire process, I never feel like I am doing this alone. They are informed, professional, caring and extremely connected.Which, as you will find, is a must. They always answer their phones when I need them, they are there for me 100% of the time. So let me go on record and say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of our hearts, we love you as much as you love us. If you want to be in show business, there is NO better way to go!”

Love, Love, Love,

Mrs. T. N. Howe

janelle_mcmahon"When my oldest son was a baby, we had so many people say “He is so cute” or “He has the brightest, bluest eyes” always followed by “He should be in commercials”. So one day, we decided to follow through on our friend’s and acquaintance’s advice and found Kids Hollywood Connection.

Kids Hollywood Connection has been great through the years. They got us started by teaching us the basics about the business and how to be prepared for auditions. Phyllis and Patricia have always been incredibly friendly and supportive. They have been helpful in giving advice and answering questions, as well as keeping us positive when things got slow. We have truly enjoyed working with them.

Every audition and job has been a learning experience and something that my son has had great fun with. It was very exciting when he booked his first national commercial! He was having such a great time that when my second son and then my daughter were born, I signed them on with KHC too! My family and I look forward to many more years with Kids Hollywood Connection and the great things that it may bring."

Janelle McMahon